“I’m a creative freelancing student with a passion for engineering & design and presently busy with the master ‘Strategic product design’ at the TU Delft.

I strive to constantly enhance my skills and knowledge, currently focussed on business strategy and front end development of the design process. I’ve always been eager to learn and I unendingly look for challenges to develop myself. This has created a disciplined and entrepreneurial mindset.”

Emil Jansen  Freelance industrial designer/student

Check positioning
Define the context and boundaries of a project.
Scope down the obtained information and pick focus.
The result of strategic design could be divergent as the following aspects show.


My main focus is working on innovative and strategic projects that challenge my skills. Using business model innovation to make and keep companies viable over time.


My technical background allows me to work on design projects in a very detailed manner, always keeping the bigger picture in mind.


Academic education learned me to extensively analyze and perform research on an abstract level.

Webdesign/graphic design

My hobby is to develop websites and visualizations that correspond with the corporate identity of a specific company.


To optimize the internal communication for designers within Adidas, we developed a strategic tool consisting of a hardware and software component.

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As a freelancer, I work for Mystic-Rivers to enhance my design skills and to provide the company with essential developments.

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TU Delft

The TU Delft learns me to think on a more abstract and academic level. This following paper investigates innovation implementation within organizations.

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“I enjoy sharing the projects and posts I make just as much as I enjoy creating them. Sit back & take a moment to browse through some of my work.”

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Favorite quote

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

I’m a visual thinker and can present my work well in designerly ways, visually as well as verbally. When designing or analyzing, I endeavor to maintain simplicity in sophisticated situations. My experience in the professional field has created a perfect combination being a hands-on doer and strategic thinker, profiting from my combination of education on Windesheim and the TUDelft.

Besides my education, I like to work on webdesign/development, visualizations and sketching.

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